Becoming A Real Estate Investor

Have you been wondering where the next housing boom will be, or even just how much and when your home will increase in value? Do you think housing prices will continue to drop even more over the next few years?
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If you’re planning your next real estate investor purchase, you may want to consider where you’re going to get the best bang for your buck. It only makes sense to buy property if it creates cash flow now or in the very near future. The best place to search for property is to go where the majority of people will need to lease, buy or make use of your real estate.

With that said, it may make sense to follow where the employment in this county is headed. Once you determine that, your investment with pay off handsomely; you will have discovered the best place to buy property.


Lease Option Investing | Why Choose Lease Options?

Lease option investing is an excellent way for beginner investors to profit in real estate without ownership and with very little personal risk.  It is also the perfect investment no matter what investment level you are on. 

Lease options can be an excellent way for beginner investors to profit.  This concept has been popularized for years and allows people to rent a property and purchase an option to buy the real estate at a point in time in the future for a pre agreed price. 

Most people entering into the real estate investing industry are skeptical of where to start.  Don’t let uncertainty, lack of time, or lack of knowledge stop you from moving forward with a real estate investing career, because option investing can light the way. 

Lease purchase option investing use to be, one of the least understood of all the real estate tools available for investors who are looking for a way to get started in the industry. Now, lease options real estate investing is an excellent channel for those who want to benefit from this downside market while building their real estate portfolio at the same time.


At first, finding a hard money lender may seem difficult to locate. The key to finding a hard money lenders is to know exactly where to start looking. Finding a private lender is not difficult if you know the proper places to look.

Professionals such as accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents have clients who are private lenders. Settlement attorneys are often very knowledgeable of people in the field since they write loan documents for hard money lenders.  Because of their familiarity with the work, often attorneys are hard money lenders themselves.

Another option when it comes to finding a hard money lender to finance the purchase of a real estate flip deal, is to check with mortgage brokers. Once you have an end buyer and contract in hand, arranging a double closing and finding a hard money lender for a one day double close is much easier.

Here’s how I ended up finding a hard money lender in a short period of time. I contacted local real estate investor clubs, other Investors and looked in the “money to lend” section of newspapers; there I found a great number of private lenders.

When finding a hard money lender, you will ultimately need to determine their terms and how they might fit into your plans as a wholesale real estate investor.

Good Luck and Happy Loan Hunting! 

By: L J Sutherland


What is a Real Estate Wholesaler? A real estate wholesaler is someone that purchases or takes control of properties that have a lot of equity in them and sells the properties to investors for a profit.  Being a real estate wholesaler is kind of like being a real estate middleman. Wholesalers look for types of properties that are harder to sell to the typical home buyer because they may need some cosmetic work like paint, carpet, landscape work etc.

As a real estate wholesale person, you will sell properties at a discount to investors and those deals are not typically found on the MLS. The best part about being a real estate wholesaler is, you will be dealing mainly with investor buyers rather than the general public. Investors don’t have the mindset of a homeowner looking to live in the property; so nit-picking over every little thing that may be wrong with the property is generally unheard of.

The beauty about being a real estate wholesaler is that you can begin to learn the process of flipping homes without having to layout a large sum of money or assume a high level of financial risk.  Wholesaling real estate is truly one of the best ways that I have discovered for making money in real estate.

Point to remember:

Wholesalers, who try and make a bundle of cash on every property and take total advantage of distressed homeowners, are usually not in business very long.

By: L J Sutherland


Real Estate Investing - Meeting a Home Seller for Your Very First Time:  As you know, this can be a little scary at first, because you feel uncomfortable with your knowledge of real estate investing.  You’re worried you won’t know what to say if you get a question you don’t understand. The good news is, you don’t have to worry, because all you should be doing is practicing anyway. What I mean to say is, find a couple of properties and go see the seller. Talk to him/her about the home sale and practice making offers. It’s ok not to make a deal your very first time; it’s called the learning curve. Just get out there and have fun meeting new people; who knows you just might make a new friend too. It’s kind of like learning the ropes at a new job, you won’t know everything the first day, but you’ll soon learn enough in a couple of days to get by with what you are doing. Then in a short period of time, it will feel like you could do your work in your sleep. It’s the same way with learning real estate investing; it just takes time and practice.

The great thing about screwing up a real estate deal is, you can sell the lead to another investor to take a shot at it; just make a deal (in writing) with the investor prior to giving away the lead, that if the investor buys the home you get a birddog fee of $250 to $1000. After that sit back and see what happens, if that investor doesn’t land the purchase try another investor. Just remember not every deal with home sellers are deals, so if you fail and a couple of other investors fail too, it’s probably not a deal anyway. Most seasoned investors can tell you a at a glance, whether you have a deal or not, even without seeing the home and they’ll tell you right away or they will ignore you, which says the same thing. (Don’t take getting ignored personally, they are just busy investors.)
So, practice, practice and practice until your comfortable talking with home sellers.

Tip: Try raising your voice tone just a little higher than normal when you talk to a seller, it will give you a more exciting and confident felling in yourself and others.

If you’ve had a first time seller meeting experience, tell me about it in the comment section.


Funding Your Real Estate Deals in This Economy?: Now if you are a real estate investor who needs funding for your deals in this economy, you need to know what lending institutions, want you to know. Approximately 286 financial institutions closed since 2006; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have put a lid on the amount of real estate you can finance. If you’re self employed you will no longer qualify for financing under stated income any more.

Seller financing, is my recommendation for the future of real estate investing. It’s the safest way to lower your risks and increase your buying power. A great way to get seller financing deals are lease options.  

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.


I had some thoughts that might interest you!

Real Estate Investing is:

A people helping people business.
It is the process of purchasing real estate property for profit.
A great business, if you educate yourself a bit, prior to getting involved.
One of many wealth building strategies.
An opportunity that is relatively safe and eliminates many of the fears associated with other kinds of investments.
The very best choice for anyone looking to quickly create income streams.  
A solid strategy to build net-worth.
A key part to any well-diversified investment portfolio.
A way to generate passive income, which if done properly, you can live off the income from your properties.
A business that allows you to spend more time with your family and friends.
What is Real Estate Investing too you? Please leave a comment.


HARD MONEY LOANS TIP: Hard money loans are an easy, quick, and alternative way to meet your cash needs in a short period of time.  Many real estate investors find it to be a sensible attractive option when they need speedy loans with very little paperwork, pliable terms, and loans that can get as high as 60% of the value of the property. Even the most urgent need for quick real estate cash can be solved with hard money lenders.

Hard money loans usually come with high interest rates; just be sure, that you have the ability to refinance or flip the property quickly so that the interest rate doesn’t eat up all your profits.


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