Becoming A Real Estate Investor

How to Become a Real Estate Investor: Getting a Solid Start


In today’s economy, the phrase of the day seems to be “economic downturn.” Fortunately, for the world of real estate investment, it is a buyer’s market. If you are looking to get started as a real estate investor, you will have to find the “opportunity for success” in any given market environment. There is always a way to make the current economic situation work on your behalf. Today’s housing market is perfect for the investor:


Ÿ         Housing costs are at a four year low and are selling far below appraised values


Ÿ         Mortgage rates have fallen below six percent, with the prospect of even lower interest rates to come


Ÿ         There is currently a huge selection of real estate available


Many people simply sit back and listen to the gloomy predictions of the media and take every cue from their reports. The truth of the matter is that no matter what the predictions are, there are those who will benefit from the current economy, and those who will not.


With predictions of a possible recession looming, there will be some who will find the loophole and prosper from the situation. That person should be you. Now is the time to take advantage of all that the current market has to offer. Right now, during a down market, there is a window of opportunity to truly buy low, which is the number one key to real estate investing.


So how do you get started as a real estate investor?


Like the saying goes, knowledge is power. Perhaps the most important secret to success as a real estate investor is to obtain specialized knowledge. This will keep you from making painful mistakes, and give you the sense of self assurance needed to actually get out there and make things happen.


Don’t quit your day job just yet. Start taking some courses to give yourself the broad scope of information needed to get started. After you have general knowledge about real estate, and understand subjects such as locating properties and determining worth and resale value, you most likely will have developed your own particular niche of interest. Maybe you’ll want to invest in rental properties, vacation homes, foreclosures, or commercial ventures. Whatever your interest, take the time to develop the knowledge and strategy needed to build your potential for success.


Find success in today’s market. The smart real estate investor will adjust his interests to take advantage of today’s economic climate. Regardless of what type of real estate you are interested in, you should develop some knowledge of foreclosures and bank owned properties. With so many valuable properties sitting stagnant, the market has begun to open up as banks and lending institutions are being forced to let these properties go for hundreds of thousands of dollars below recent market values. The savings available today are almost staggering.


An even better way to save might be to locate a private investor who has purchased an entire bank portfolio at pennies on the dollar. This is not uncommon in today’s market. Taking advantage of these wholesale prices can cause you to amass a small fortune, if you are equipped with the knowledge to position yourself for this type of savvy investing.


Another closely guarded secret involves properties in probate which can be tracked down with public court records. With the proper detective work and knowledge of the court process involved, this can easily become a niche in itself and a perfect way to acquire properties.


There are many opportunities out there, and many roads to success as a real estate investor. Once you have made the decision to participate in the advantages of the real estate market, your first step is to focus on increasing your knowledge. As you spend more time learning about real estate investing, you will become aware of available strategies and develop a sense of timing in order to make the most from your investing dollar.


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Becoming A Real Estate Investor

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