Becoming A Real Estate Investor


What is a Real Estate Wholesaler? A real estate wholesaler is someone that purchases or takes control of properties that have a lot of equity in them and sells the properties to investors for a profit.  Being a real estate wholesaler is kind of like being a real estate middleman. Wholesalers look for types of properties that are harder to sell to the typical home buyer because they may need some cosmetic work like paint, carpet, landscape work etc.

As a real estate wholesale person, you will sell properties at a discount to investors and those deals are not typically found on the MLS. The best part about being a real estate wholesaler is, you will be dealing mainly with investor buyers rather than the general public. Investors don’t have the mindset of a homeowner looking to live in the property; so nit-picking over every little thing that may be wrong with the property is generally unheard of.

The beauty about being a real estate wholesaler is that you can begin to learn the process of flipping homes without having to layout a large sum of money or assume a high level of financial risk.  Wholesaling real estate is truly one of the best ways that I have discovered for making money in real estate.

Point to remember:

Wholesalers, who try and make a bundle of cash on every property and take total advantage of distressed homeowners, are usually not in business very long.

By: L J Sutherland

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