Becoming A Real Estate Investor


At first, finding a hard money lender may seem difficult to locate. The key to finding a hard money lenders is to know exactly where to start looking. Finding a private lender is not difficult if you know the proper places to look.

Professionals such as accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents have clients who are private lenders. Settlement attorneys are often very knowledgeable of people in the field since they write loan documents for hard money lenders.  Because of their familiarity with the work, often attorneys are hard money lenders themselves.

Another option when it comes to finding a hard money lender to finance the purchase of a real estate flip deal, is to check with mortgage brokers. Once you have an end buyer and contract in hand, arranging a double closing and finding a hard money lender for a one day double close is much easier.

Here’s how I ended up finding a hard money lender in a short period of time. I contacted local real estate investor clubs, other Investors and looked in the “money to lend” section of newspapers; there I found a great number of private lenders.

When finding a hard money lender, you will ultimately need to determine their terms and how they might fit into your plans as a wholesale real estate investor.

Good Luck and Happy Loan Hunting! 

By: L J Sutherland

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