Becoming A Real Estate Investor


Real Estate Investing - Meeting a Home Seller for Your Very First Time:  As you know, this can be a little scary at first, because you feel uncomfortable with your knowledge of real estate investing.  You’re worried you won’t know what to say if you get a question you don’t understand. The good news is, you don’t have to worry, because all you should be doing is practicing anyway. What I mean to say is, find a couple of properties and go see the seller. Talk to him/her about the home sale and practice making offers. It’s ok not to make a deal your very first time; it’s called the learning curve. Just get out there and have fun meeting new people; who knows you just might make a new friend too. It’s kind of like learning the ropes at a new job, you won’t know everything the first day, but you’ll soon learn enough in a couple of days to get by with what you are doing. Then in a short period of time, it will feel like you could do your work in your sleep. It’s the same way with learning real estate investing; it just takes time and practice.

The great thing about screwing up a real estate deal is, you can sell the lead to another investor to take a shot at it; just make a deal (in writing) with the investor prior to giving away the lead, that if the investor buys the home you get a birddog fee of $250 to $1000. After that sit back and see what happens, if that investor doesn’t land the purchase try another investor. Just remember not every deal with home sellers are deals, so if you fail and a couple of other investors fail too, it’s probably not a deal anyway. Most seasoned investors can tell you a at a glance, whether you have a deal or not, even without seeing the home and they’ll tell you right away or they will ignore you, which says the same thing. (Don’t take getting ignored personally, they are just busy investors.)
So, practice, practice and practice until your comfortable talking with home sellers.

Tip: Try raising your voice tone just a little higher than normal when you talk to a seller, it will give you a more exciting and confident felling in yourself and others.

If you’ve had a first time seller meeting experience, tell me about it in the comment section.

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