Becoming A Real Estate Investor was started, to help new investors learn the ropes to become great real estate investors in the future. I would like to start the new “Becoming a Real Estate Investor Blog” by asking you, the reader, to let me know what you'd like to see on this website. If there are some areas in which you would like to be educated in, and you do not find the information on this website, please post a comment below and I will do my best to get the information uploaded here. However, I cannot guarantee every ones request will be posted on the website.


Sometimes it takes a little while for requests to be posted, due to the fact that I get hundreds of e-mails daily.


I want to thank you for visiting this website; I appreciate the opportunity to help you with your real estate needs as a new investor. I would like to invite you to assist me with this website, in two ways.  First, by asking me questions that you need answers to, and second, by telling the friends you know, meet or run into, at some point in time in your life. Of course, invite people who have the desire to become a real estate investor. Please let them know about this website, so they can get help as well, you never know when they will turn a property over to you and make you a fortune (it’s happened to me, many times).  


The nice thing about helping others, is that, the more you teach others, the more educated you become and the faster you’ll grow in the real estate business.  It's a funny thing, educating others, because, when you do, you begin to understand things that you thought you knew, and you did, but you'll start to understand them even better as you became a teacher in the business (try it). 


I've learned things that I thought I knew and didn't know, if that's not confusing to you, it is to me (ha-ha). You’ll find, the more you teach, the more clearer it becomes in your mind. Then, when you go out into the world and practice what you preach, you'll find that you are far more educated than you ever thought you were.



So please, let your friends, relatives, neighbors and business partners know about this wonderful real estate website.


People that you meet whom are interested in real estate or a least think they are;  let them know about the Becoming a Real Estate Investor website, because when they join us, they’ll ask questions that you may have had on your mind but forgotten to ask. Those posts may be put up on the website and you'll learn from them. 


Most of the time, people will discuss situations that they encountered during the process of purchasing real estate and were just missing that little tidbit of information to close the deal. It just might be the same bit of information you come up missing some day. If it’s discussed on this website everybody learns from it; so it's really nice to share the information with others and we all learn.


I'm very excited about the upcoming New Year; that's when this website is going to expand. There will be lots of new entries and new pages that will fill in the gap on educational processes for you. I can't wait to share those with you.  One of the new and upcoming avenues that will be placed on this website is our “becoming a real estate investor” forum.  This forum will be a paid subscription forum. Now, don’t get upset, it won’t be very expensive, just a reasonably low price per month, and you will learn a lot of great stuff from the forum. 


The nice thing about the forum is, I'm going to select 100 people, who will receive an honorary lifetime membership, which means there’s no cost to the winners. Having a private members forum will keep the riffraff out. Now all you’ll need to do, to be eligible for this honorary membership, is to send me an e-mail stating why you think you should get a free lifetime membership to a forum.


My associate and I will select the top 100 unique emails and those people will get a free lifetime membership. Don't worry if you don't get selected, you'll be happy to know that when we do start it, you will be able to afford it. “Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention; you have to be a subscribed member to have a chance to win.” You can subscribe for free, by going to the top right hand corner of this page and signing up. You’ll also receive a nice gift for doing so.


First, go to the upper right hand corner of this page and subscribe to our website, then send your questions to:

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